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6. David, a very nice web page -- most impressive. It shows a lot of work and reflects highly on your research. Additionally, as one veteran to another -- thank you for your service sir.

Gerald W. von Kamrath -- San Diego, California -- 09/20/2018

5. Hi!

Millie Taylor -- Gilbert -- 09/01/2018

4. Welcome, Lois. What book do you have? Is it Floy's Album by Novella Smith?

David N Muxo McPherson -- Orem, Utah -- 01/22/2016

3. Thank you for sending me info on this website.I hope to spend some time here. I have a book entitled McPherson/Talley. My father was Walter D McPherson.

Lois E McPherson Danielson -- Hagerman -- 01/22/2016

2. best book I've read in a long time! Lol. Thanks for the memories!

Hilda -- New York -- 12/02/2015

1. Welcome to our family website guestbook. Feel free to add your comments.

David Muxo -- Orem, Utah -- 11/26/2015